Craft Fair Raffle Prizes 2019

We are holding a special raffle at our Craft Fair on June 29th.
These are the prizes:

1. Framed picture of a hare in the moonlight. Made by Carol Holloway.

2. Two felted apples made by a family from Kazakstan living in Trumpington

3. Four animal finger puppets (pig, frog, cat and tiger) in a fabric carrying holder. Made by Philippa Slatter and Carol Holloway.

4. Mermaid doll. Made from upcycled materials by Dilly Bradford.

5. Pair of travel slippers. Made by Carol Holloway

6. Framed picture of applique birds. Made by Carol Holloway

7. ‘Stitch Step by Step’ by Maggi Gordon and Ellie Vance. Illustrated instructions for embroidery and needlepoint.

8. Padded bike seat cover. Made by Dilly Bradford.