Quilt C

What’s your name? Christ Church Trumpington

How long have you been in Trumpington? Since 2014

Can you tell us a bit about your panel?

Our panel was put together by a small group from Christ Church Trumpington. We began meeting as a Church in 2014 with a desire to serve and show God’s love to the growing community in Trumpington. We meet every Sunday morning at Fawcett Primary School and have members from both the old and new parts of Trumpington – some having lived here for a few months and some for over 20 years.

Our panel shows Jesus as being central to our faith, his death and resurrection represented by the empty cross which the people face towards to worship together. The church is the gathering of many different people from a variety of backgrounds, nationalities, cultures and ages.  The words embroidered around the edge of the panel describe what we believe to be some important characteristics of church.

We love being part of the community in Trumpington and look forward to continuing to build relationships in the community and welcoming new people to join us.

What materials & techniques did you use?

The materials we have used are cottons, novelty fabrics and knitting yarn. The techniques include appliqué, machine piecing, hand and machine embroidery.