Angel Pockets


In 2020 we were asked by the East of England Ambulance Service to contribute to making 500 Angel Pockets, used to transport stillborn babies with their mothers to hospital, so that every ambulance in the region could carry one. We made 112. The project is finished, but the Ambulance Service are very grateful to receive more, to replace those that are used. If you would like to make some, the pattern is below, and if you would like them to go to the Ambulance Service, please get in touch and we will arrange delivery.

These are simple to make, using basic knitting or crochet stitches,and simple sewing techniques,  but they can be embellished with lace or lacy stitches around the edge if you have the skills.

You can download the instructions here: Construction of an Angel Pocket for tiny babies v2 (1)