What do we do?

Encouraging – Teaching – Sharing –

Knitting – Patchwork – Embroidery -Felting -Crochet –

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Altering – Creating – Mending – Designing –

and Lots more!

When and Where do we do it?

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We meet on Monday evenings from 6.30 to 9.00pm at Trumpington Pavilion, Paget Road CB2 9JF

We operate as a drop-in, not a formal club, so come when you can.

We have sewing machines, and a tremendous range of fabrics and equipment for many types of stitchery and creative textiles.

We are always happy to help one another with projects, and, as well as this informal help, we organise occasional workshops when one of us shows some of the others a particular skill.

We are just coming to the end of a major public art project associated with the enlargment of the village, “Trumpington 2016 – a Stitch in Time”

Many of us enjoy knitting for charity, and often combine forces to do so on the last Monday of the month.

We suggest a donation of £3 per session towards the hire of the hall.  Those who want to become members pay a subscription of £10 a year, and contribute £2 a session.

We share ideas and information on this website and on our Facebook Group

Coming Soon: Trumpington Stitchers’ Craft Fair 2017

We are holding our first Craft Fair On Saturday May 13th at Trumpngton Village Hall.
We will have a wonderful selection of stalls to tempt you with beautiful original crafts.
Make a date in your diary and come along as soon as you can, or you may find the stalls are emptying fast. Many of the things on sale are truly unique, and once they’re gone they’re gone! We will be open from 11.00am to 3.00pm. Admission Free.
There will be homemade soups, cakes and drinks on sale,so join us for lunch too.

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 The Story of the Stitchers

“I came to live in Trumpington in April 2013, and over the summer I was looking for an evening class for the Autumn. I happened to speak to Vicky Hathrell in August of that year and we discussed starting a sewing group. Vicky is the City Council Community Development Officer for the area, and has many useful contacts and good ideas.
Just around that time a lovely lady called Sonya had been engaged to run a course called ReVamp, which I signed up to. It was a small class, running for 4 weeks in the Pavilion, and aiming to give us the skills to revamp and upcycle garments, using small pieces of donated fabric and notions. We made cushions and aprons and skirts and embellished various pieces of clothing.
When the course ended, several of us wanted to continue sewing together. With Vicky’s help, we managed to start a group called Stitch and Chat, which started on 5th October 2013. We had financial help from Cambridge City Council to start with, then from the TRA, then again from the City Council in the form of a grant. We also had a grant from the Trumpington Parochial Charity which we used to buy scissors and three lightweight sewing machines. John Lewis has donated fabrics from the start, as have local individuals.
The group developed over time, becoming Trumpington Stitchers.
We decided from the start to operate as a drop-in, with no requirement to join a formal club, which makes it easier for people to come whenever they can. We have sewing machines, fabrics and equipment for many types of stitchery and we help each other with our projects. We also talk quite a bit and have a cup of tea or coffee and sometimes a biscuit. We ask for a very small donation toward the cost of hiring the hall, which enables us to keep going, along with the occasional fundraising event.

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Members’ Recommendations and Useful Links

We all have our favourite shops for creative crafts, especially the ones that also run workshops and classes. Have you visited Backwash at Burwash Manor? Carol writes:

“I can honestly say that since it expanded recently, it is a real treasure trove of beautiful modern fabrics, knitting yarns and every sort of haberdashery or sewing notion you could want. I hadn’t been since she doubled in size and it is great. Alice also runs some useful workshops.”

Dilly Bradford recommends a wonderful firm selling materials You will be able buy some of the wonderful bags she is making at our craft fair in May

We also love the Sheep Shop, if you are looking for creative inspiration and groups to join. If you haven’t found it yet, you are in for a treat!

Kits can be a great way to get started. Ehrman have a tremendous range of needlepoint tapestry kits for sale. You can see one of the finished products in our Cushion Cavalcade
There is also a very useful website www.photo2stitch.co.uk which we have used to create the panel featuring the Trumpington Village Sign from original artwork by Sheila Betts.

Geoff Rosenberg of Stitch Fabrics has been holding monthly fabric sales in Trumpington Village Hall for many years. He is very enthusiastic and helpful and has recently been joined by Maggie of Textile Garden haberdashery. They both sell online, but it is great to be able to see and feel before buying

Carol suggests a look at this inspiring website http://easternregiontextileforum.co.uk/ this includes forthcoming exhibitions etc. and a list of Forum members who offer workshops including Claire, a textile artist we will be engaging for some workshops.

Yong has sent us the link to a wonderful tutorial showing how to make a bunny out of a garter stitch square. Great for beginners and fun for all!
Have a look for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6Kgi6ns38c

Jackie recommends: Starting to Sew
A facebook group for sewing beginners with lots of helpful videos etc.

Our Equipment and Materials

Thanks to grants from Cambridge City Council, and donations from John Lewis and local residents, we have a selection of sewing machines and other equipment available, and a wonderful collection of materials, yarns, and haberdashery to work with.
We are also grateful to the Trumpington Residents’ Association, which manages the Trumpington Pavilion where we meet, and where we store our resources.

We use recycled materials as much as possible, and are members of Cambridge City Council Scrapstore which is an excellent local source of recycled craft supplies.

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