Sadly, we can no longer get together to enjoy our stitching, so we have had to change our ways. We have a variety of projects in hand which you are very welcome to take part in.

Safe at Home? Quilt Project 2021

This is a lovely new project for the winter that anyone can join in with, to mark our year of Covid and to give us an opportunity to come together on a shared project during difficult times. It will consist of a wall hanging made from squares that can be stitched individually at home then brought together to be joined. It will hang in the cafe area at Clay Farm Centre. An example of some squares is shown below. These can also be used to make your own bags, table runners or small wall hangings. 

The squares need only the most basic of sewing skills; if you can only do running stitch that will be enough, or you can use your sewing machine.
If you would like to join in with the project and/or make some squares for yourself, you can find the downloadable templates and instructions here.
We can supply all the materials as a pack if needed, or you can use your own. Our deadline for receiving completed squares is January 10th 2021.

Stitching for Charity

We  have patterns for all sorts of projects, particularly if you want to make things for people in need in our stitching for charity section

Making masks

We have materials for mask-making (including elastic and metal noseguards) available if you want to try making unique masks made to measure for your friends and family. If you want to make a face mask to wear, try this great website https://www.bigcommunitysew.co.uk/

We now meet online, thanks to a Zoom account funded by the City Council.
We meet on Monday evenings and Wednesday afternoons. 

Please email us if you want to join in.

We have sewing machines, knitting & crochet equipment and yarns, and a good range of fabrics and equipment for many types of stitchery and creative textiles. We can arrange to meet you at our store or deliver to you.

We continue to exchange ideas and skills we learn elsewhere. Look here for some of our favourite places to go, for materials, equipment and professional workshops, both real and digital. We have created a selection of starter packs to introduce you to new skills and we enjoy seeing what people have made as a result. If you want to know more about our meetings you can email us at trumpingtonstitchers@gmail.com.

We share ideas and information on this website and on our Facebook Group

Anyone with website skills now going to waste at home who could help us make this website a resource for sharing ideas and arranging delivery of materials, please email Philippa

If you would like to know more about how we are organised, click here.

We were just coming to the end of a major public art project associated with the enlargement of the village, “Trumpington 2016 – a Stitch in Time” The first quilts are now on display on the first floor of the new Clay Farm Centre, and we were planning a final set to mark the end of the expansion of Trumpington in 2020. We are now considering how best to reflect the extraordinary events of 2020 and the coronavirus epidemic.


Thanks to grants from Cambridge City Council,
and donations from John Lewis and local residents, we have a selection of sewing machines, cutters, and other equipment available, and a wonderful collection of materials, yarns, and haberdashery to work with.

We are also grateful to the Trumpington Residents’ Association, which manages the Trumpington Pavilion where we usually meet, and where we store our resources.


We use recycled materials as much as possible, and are members of Cambridge City Council Scrapstore which is an excellent local source of recycled craft supplies.

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