Guide to Quilt B

This is our second quilt, together with a list of the 12 panels and their makers. Click on the links in the list below to find out more about them.

B1 Bus on the Busway at Night by Jenna K

B2 The Lord Byron by Jane C

B3 Sir Roger de Trumpington by Stephanie W

B4 Trumpington Meadows with Badgers by Rebecca G

B5 Trumpington Village Sign by Ann S

B6 Lambourn Close by Diana K

B7 Our Three Trumpington Homes by Philippa S

B8 Kingfisher by Carol H

B9 Graffiti Herons by Valerie V

B10 View across Hobsons Park by Vicky A

B11 Trumpington Parish Church by Sue L

B12 The Wok and Grill by Carol H