Trumpington Stitchers were inspired by a national charity, the Pachamama Project, to start this project in summer 2022.

The purpose of the project is two-fold – to reduce period poverty and to reduce the impact on the environment of single use pads. The pads are free to anyone, until our supplies run out. They should last on average at least 3 years.

We are donating pads, made up into kits of 12, with storage bags and waterproof transport bags, via our local Food Hub or at our Monday evening meetings.

We also want as many people as possible to start using these and making them for themselves. We have run workshops and have had about 30 people involved in making pads. And we are happy to show people how the pads are made at our usual Monday evening meetings.

If you would like to help with the project or learn how to make pads for yourself – call Carol on 07881 812051

If you would like pads – they can be collected at the Food Hub on Fridays 12-1, or at Stitchers meetings Mondays 7-9pm, both at the Trumpington Pavilion. Or use our Contact Form on the website and we will get back to you.

We have used some specialist fabrics for extra absorbency and waterproofing, but they can be made using old towels for the liners and repurposed cotton and fleece for the outer layers. The original instructions and templates are available from the Pachamama project.

Or you can find them here – links to template inner layer, template outer layer, Pachamama instructions, Our tweaks to the instructions.

We have also made small bags from printed PUL, which is waterproof, so pads can be carried around in a bag when out. The template for the bags is here.

The suppliers for specialist fabrics are mainly online – there are many available, but the ones we used are listed here.

We have written some instructions for use, about how to wash and care for the Pads, here.