Panel B07 Our Three Trumpington Homes

by Philippa S

B7 Three Tru,mpington Homes cropped.jpg


What’s your name? Philippa Slatter

Where do you live?  The new Clay Farm development

How long have you lived in Trumpington? Since 1980

Can you tell us a bit about your panel?

As the Stitch in Time project coincided with my husband and I moving house, I decided to tell our family story in my panel. It shows the three Trumpington houses we have lived in, linked by a road.

We moved from our first house in Monmouth to Trumpington High Street in 1980, just before our third daughter was born. The next family house was on Shelford Road. Then as a retired couple, we bought a newly built terraced house on Baker Lane in the new Clay Farm development.

What materials & techniques did you use? 

B7 Philippa Slatter ws

I used recycled materials, and very simple techniques of machine appliqué and embroidery. I enjoyed including old threads and beads inherited from my grandmother, and most of the machining was completed on her lovely old Jones Compact, a fixed needle ‘slow but steady’ model.


As I started my panel only a few weeks before the deadline, I was not able to use many of the ideas that occurred to me as I worked on it. I’m now looking forward to creating several pieces of textile art for our new home, using techniques learned from the various workshops which would not have occurred to me before taking part in this project.