Panel A10 Trumpington Pavilion

by Maryan

A10 Trumpington Pavilion by Pip Pye

What’s your name? My name is Maryan Pye, but I am known to my friends and the Trumpington Stitchers as Pip – a long-standing family nickname which distinguishes between professional colleagues and friends/family!
Where do you live? I live in Wingate Close, with my husband in the house where we raised our family.

How long have you lived in Trumpington?
We moved to Cambridge in 1979 and bought our house new, from the builders who developed six detached family houses on part of the Fawcett school playing fields, where our two sons both started school. We were the newcomers into an established road, and although we made friends with our new neighbours, we had little contact with our older neighbours in Wingate Way, built 25 years earlier, and still occupied by the original owners. Over the years we have become the ‘old fogeys’ and have only recently got to know our newer younger neighbours.

Can you tell us a bit about your panel?
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My panel shows the Trumpington Pavilion. I could say I chose it because it shows how ‘old Trumpington’  has changed and brought up to date with a modern look and a broader community function. Or (perhaps more likely) because the shape and colour makes it easily recognisable, and suitable for a more diagrammatic interpretation for one who lacks the detailed fine embroidery and stitching skills of other members of the group! I looked at it more as a collage of fabrics.

PPPP layoutWhat materials & techniques did you use?
I based the proportions on photos I took and made a paper pattern from which I cut felt and other fabrics to represent windows and wood panels. I used various fabrics to represent the grass and memorial pillars, using a pen to suggest the detail of the notice boards, and crude stitching to indicate grass. The night sky was developed at a fabric painting workshop, using crumpled calico and blending blue and purple fabric paint, with an appliqué moon and gold stars.

I have never attempted anything like this before, and really enjoyed the challenge. It has spurred me on to be more involved with the Trumpington Stitchers. While I struggle to be creative and original, I have taken up knitting and dressmaking for the first time in years and have joined the Stitchers’ Steering Group.