Stitching for Charity during Lockdown

Stitching for Charity during Lockdown

Although our regular meetings have stopped during the coronavirus epidemic, we are continuing to make things for charity as usual, and some of us are also turning our hands to making face masks to supplement routine social separation, especially when going into shops etc.

We have a lot of lovely donated wool to share – get in touch with Philippa if you have run out


We have just been contacted by the East of England Ambulance Service.They want every NHS Ambulance vehicle across the East of England to carry an Angel Pocket which would provide a dignified and gentle means of carrying a stillborn baby to hospital, after a loss at home.

You can see the pattern here

What is still needed during the lockdown?

We have heard from our partner charity Knit for Peace,  that they  still want blankets and knitted toys. We are also giving twiddle muffs to local care homes.

We love making knitted teddies, and have started adding smaller versions to go with them by using thinner wool and needles.


This pattern is knitted in garter stitch and uses different size needles and wool for different size teddies

We have also adapted the pattern to make knitted dolls

Blankets are also a good way of using oddments of time and wool. They can be made in a variety of ways and sizes. The traditional system using squares joined together can produce a beautiful blanket
 we are now experimenting with long rows on double pointed needles, which will also use oddments of wool, but will not need to be sewn together.
These twiddlemuffs are knitted for people with dementia