Panel A07 Trumpington Park&Ride

by Fiona

A7 Park&Ride bus

How long have you lived in Trumpington? 12 years (I moved from old Trumpington to new Trumpington three years ago)

Can you tell us a bit about your panel?

My panel is of the Trumpington Park and Ride bus, which connects Trumpington to the centre of Cambridge. Well, it’s what I’d like the bus to look like!

What inspired you?

I chose this topic because I use the bus regularly and I like to promote the use of public transport.

 What materials & techniques did you use?

I made the bus out of a patchwork of fabrics from the Trumpington Stitcher’s store. The sky I printed with fabric paint using a technique I learned at a Stitchers’ session. I used some basic embroidery stitches (including blanket stitch for the clouds) and also machine appliqué. One of the great things about making this panel was that it used up lots of scraps of fabric and I didn’t need to buy anything new at all. Some of the fabric is actually from my old pajamas so it’s nice to see they will be on show for all to see! The buttons were donated by a fellow Stitcher when I put out an appeal for bus wheels!