Panel A05 Bishops Road Houses

by Sheila G

A5 Bishops Road Houses by Sheila Glasswell

What’s your name?  Sheila Glasswell

Where do you live? Bishops Road

How long have you lived in Trumpington? 35 years

Can you tell us a bit about your panel?

I am fascinated by the semis in Bishops Road. This row of six houses all started out the same, the same design and spacing from their neighbours, but over time they have been added to in very different ways to suit the owners.

What inspired you to make a panel on this topic?

These houses are 83 years old and have seen the landscape change so many times! They have accommodated owner occupiers, renters, students, families of different sizes. The gardens are all so completely different. I also live in a semi across the road. We too have extended our house in all directions!

A5 Sheila Glasswell wsWhat materials & techniques did you use?

Mostly applique… I started out with six identical shapes and identical windows and doors. To these I added shrubbery, hedges, gates and extensions in line with what I could see in spring time. All in free style embroidery.