Panel A03: Cranes over the Community Centre at Night

by Lexi

A3 Cranes over the Clay Farm Centre by Lexie Richards ws

What is your name? Lexi


Where do you live?  Southwell House on Royal Way, part of the Abode development


How long have you lived in Trumpington? I moved here from London in xxxx

Can you tell us a bit about your panel? My panel is a representation of the new buildings which will be our library and doctors’ surgery. They will look very different when they are completed, and will transform our community. It’s simply amazing.

What inspired you?   A ‘Wow’ moment as I cycled by one evening and saw the orange cranes with their small red lights, and high above the unfinished buildings was the night sky.

What materials and techniques did you use?  The materials I used all came from the Stitchers’ store; paint, fabrics, thread etc.

I painted the background fabric to show the twilight colours, with applique sections attached using Bondaweb. The cranes were then hand embroidered on top, and little sequins added for the lights. I gave the sky texture with machine embroidery and stars.

I had not done anything like this before. I went to a workshop to learn fabric painting and I had lots of help and encouragement from other stitchers.

Note:Lexi was also part of the group from Christchurch Trumpington who made Quilt C