Clay Farm Centre

The panel shows the Clay Farm Centre under construction. Local residents have become rather fond of the ever-changing array of cranes working around the village; some of us will miss them when they’re gone!

The creation of a community centre is one of the important benefits that has come with the expansion of Trumpington, and the Clay Farm Centre, despite many problems associated with its construction, is already proving a tremendous asset.

It is a multipurpose building. It is owned and managed by the Cambridge City Council in partnership with the County Council and the NHS. On the ground and first floors we now have a brand new library, a cafe and a variety of meeting rooms. On the third floor the medical centre (opened in 2020) has rooms for the local GP practice and associated therapists. On the two floors above there are 20 flats administered by BPHA. Check the Facebook page or City Council website for a weekly programme of events. There is always something going on!

The meeting rooms at the Centre were named in March 2019 in honour of men and women associated with Trumpington, chosen by local residents.

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