Panel B08 Kingfisher

by Carol H

B8 Kingfisher cropped


What’s your name? Carol Holloway

Where do you live? Sefton Close, in the 1960s housing development behind the Green Man pub

How long have you lived in Trumpington? 25 years

Can you tell us a bit about your panel? It is the beautiful kingfisher that can be spotted at Byrons Pool.

What inspired you? I had not intended doing another panel, having done two already, but at the last minute we realised we were going to be one short. I had previously thought about doing something connected to our wonderful wildlife habitats, which we have of course considerably more access to since the new housing developments have been built. I have always loved walking along the river at Byrons Pool and in the last year I have been lucky enough to see the kingfisher swooping along the water twice.

What materials and techniques did you use? I have previously done a woodpecker using machine appliqué, so I thought it would be fairly straightforward to do a kingfisher. I looked up images using Google and found this design. I have a stash of odds and ends of fabrics so it was quite easy to find some small pieces to suit this project. I cut out the shapes, added bondaweb, ironed them on and stitched round and voila, done! It literally took me a morning, I love the colours and the overall boldness of the design. I think it is actually my favourite of the three panels I have done even though it took a fraction of the time. Which just goes to show you don’t have to spend ages to create something lovely in textiles.