Covid-19 Stitching ideas and links archive

We have a lot of lovely donated wool to share – get in touch with Philippa if you have run out.

We have joined up with the east of England Ambulance Service to produce Angel Pockets. The knitting involved is very simple.

Knitting and crochet are a lovely way of using some enforced leisure time during lockdown, and you may be interested to see the latest newsletter from Knit For Peace

We enjoy making knitted teddies, and have started adding smaller versions to go with them by using thinner wool and needles. You can find the pattern here: KNIT A TEDDY FAMILY

This pattern is knitted in garter stitch and uses different size needles and wool for different size teddies

If you make the head rounded, you can make a doll

 Making Twiddle Muffs for local care homes

As we know, the people living and working in care homes particularly need our support. Some of our members have been making scrubs for the staff, and others have been knitting calming ‘twiddle muffs’ for residents. We took the latest batch  to the St Georges Care Home in Russell Street.


There are many patterns for making face masks. Members of Trumpington Stitchers have been busy supplying the local volunteers as they go out and about doing people’s shopping, delivering prescriptions and distributing family activity packs

You can find the YouTube demo for this rectangular mask here

or there is another easy pattern here

But best of all is the website here  which features several familiar faces from the Great British Sewing Bee.