Making Gifts for Family, Friends or Fund-raising

Making gifts for family and friends

We have occasional workshops for making gifts, depending on what people are interested in, and we usually make a few extra gifts and seasonal decorations for display at local events .


Cushions make great presents which can be personalised for birthdays, housewarmings and other special occasions.
Our simple cushion pattern has proved a popular introduction to machine sewing, or a good way to get back to a sewing machine after a long absence. If you come along to a Stitchers session, you can choose some material, cut it out, sew it up, and take home a cushion cover by the end of the evening!
Cushion covers can also be knitted, crocheted, patchworked or any combination of creative stitchery. Have a look at our cushion cavalcade and you’ll see what we mean!

young stitchers learn to make bunting at the Trumpington Youth Fest 2017

Homemade bunting is also a great favourite which can be made on a large scale to add festivity to an event, or on a small scale to decorate a room.

We are planning a workshop when we will be making bunting for Christmas and also some for the Trumpington Village Hall. You can also develop your ideas to greet a new baby, celebrate a birthday or anniversary etc.

bike seat covers

Stitcher member Dilly lead a brilliant workshop when she showed us how to make covers for bike seats from fabric and padding in a couple of hours – magic!