Panel A11 Hare at Trumpington Meadows Country Park

A11 Trumpington Meadows with Hare by Vicky Haywood.jpg

Panel A11 Hare at Trumpington Meadows Nature Reserve

What’s your name? Vicky Haywood (was Hathrell)

Where do you live? I work full time in Trumpington but live about 20 miles away.

How long have you lived in Trumpington? I have worked here for four years, supporting the local community as it goes through a period of rapid growth and change.

Can you tell us a bit about your panel?

My panel is of a hare, sitting in Trumpington Meadows Nature Reserve, looking out over the homes that are under construction.

What inspired you to make a panel on this topic?  

I have been involved with the Stitch in Time project for some time, as I had originally helped kick-start some workshops and community classes around re-using, learning new skills and skill-sharing on the theme of textiles, making new from old etc. This tends to bring people together who might not necessarily find common ground and shared interests.

When I was asked if I could produce a section of the quilt, I was happy to help. I wanted to capture something that shows the new and old elements of Trumpington, without focusing on a particular building. One of the benefits that new development brings to a community is that land has been opened up for local people that was not accessible in the past. Trumpington now has a series of open spaces and nature reserves and these can now be enjoyed by all.

Protecting wildlife is often used as a reason to not develop land. However, the wildlife in Trumpington is now much more diverse as a result of the development of new lakes and ponds. The hares, hawks and other birds watch on as development takes place around them –  drawing on parallels to how some residents may be feeling about the fast-paced change happening around them

What materials & techniques did you use?

I used a mixture of machine quilting and appliqué, using a mixture of fabric types to create a variety of textures.